The old way of classifying marijuana has three types of strains, and "Indica" is one of them. An old, broken system? Yes. But most dispensaries sell indica strains instead of sativa strains, which users say make them more active. In the wild, you can find many modern and famous Indica strains that are crossed between indica and sativa parents. These are called hybrids. It's not easy to find only indica types. In fact, the second-smallest part of the Mega Marijuana Store collection is made up of indica strains. Finding the right indicas may take more than one try. But check out these very famous and strong Indica strains to see if they give you the effect you want.

Best Indica Strains For Sleep and Relaxation 

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush, which is also written as "B.K.," "Bubba," and "Bubba OG Kush," is an indica type of marijuana that is famous in the U.S. and around the world for how well it relaxes people. On the exit, sweet hashish flavors with hints of chocolate and coffee come through, making the taste buds happy as a strong sense of relaxation takes over. From head to toe, heavy muscles relax as a cloud of dreamy happiness covers the mind. This crushes stress and makes people happy. The buds of Bubba Kush are unique because they are big and come in shades ranging from forest green to pale purple.

The tall, stocky plant and big buds of Bubba hint that it is of Afghani descent, but its genetic roots aren't known for sure. The farmer whom this strain was named after says that Bubba Kush came into being soon after 1996 when an OG Kush crossed with an unknown Indica strain that was found in New Orleans. Northern Lights was said to be the mother plant, but the genetically unclear indica was just called "Bubba." Since then, Bubba Kush has grown from its California roots.

Granddaddy Purple

This type of marijuana is called Granddaddy Purple. It is also known as "Grand Daddy Purp," "Granddaddy Purps," "GDP," and "Grandaddy Purple Kush." Ken Estes made Granddaddy Purple (or GDP) famous in 2003. It is an indica cross between Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan. This popular strain in California gets its complex grape and berry smell from its Mendo Purps and Afghanistan parent, and its big, tight buds come from Skunk. GDP flowers are deep purple, which stands out against the white crystal resin that covers them like snow. Its strong effects can be felt in both the mind and the body, combining euphoria in the brain with ease in the body. Even though your mind might be buzzing with dreams, your body is more likely to stay still while GDP is working on it. Granddaddy Purple is often taken off the shelf by people who want to deal with pain, worry, insomnia, loss of appetite, and muscle spasms. Growers who use GDP get huge crops that are ready to be picked after 60 days of blooming indoors.


Blueberry, sometimes called "Berry Blue," is an indica strain type of marijuana that was created by crossing Purple Thai with Thai. Blueberry is a famous cannabis strain that reached new heights when it won the High Times Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica. The strain has a long past that goes back to the late 1970s when American breeder D.J. Short worked with a number of exotic landrace strains. Blueberry has been grown for decades, but over that time, the genetics have been passed around. This is partly because D.J. Short has worked with many seed banks and breeders. Fresh blueberries give you a long-lasting feeling of happiness because they taste sweet and help you rest. Medicinal cannabis experts and growers love Blueberry for its bright colors and high THC content. Many people use its benefits to deal with pain and stress.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is an Indica strain that was made by crossing a Blueberry male with a female U.K. Cheese (a Skunk #1 variety). Berry and blue Cheese smell sweet and savory together, making a smooth, unique flavor that reminds me of the original Cheese. The heavy effects will help you relax, and they can also help with muscle spasms, pain, and stress.

Purple Kush

With Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani crossed Purple Kush was born in the Oakland area of California. It is a pure indica strain. It has a light, earthy smell with sweet undertones that are typical of Kush strains. The mind is filled with happy, long-lasting happiness, and the body is freed from pain, insomnia, and stress through relaxation.

Godfather O.G.

The potent indica strain Godfather O.G. was created by crossing XXX OG and Alpha O.G. It is also known as "Godfather," "The Don of All O.G. 's," and "O.G. Godfather." The effects of this strain are to make you sleepy and calm. Godfather O.G. is the strain that medical marijuana users choose when they need to ease the symptoms of pain and insomnia. There are hints of grape in the flavors of this strain, which is spicy and cushy. Due to its high THC levels (around 28%), Godfather O.G. should only be smoked in small amounts by people who can't handle a lot of THC. At the Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles in 2013, this strain won first place for Best Indica. 


Some indices are among the types with the highest THC levels because they have a very high amount of THC. Girl Scout Cookies, an Indica-dominant hybrid with THC amounts that can reach up to 28%, is an example of a high-THC indica strain.

Strawberry Banana and Godfather O.G. are two other strong options. Both have been known to offer THC levels above 25%. There are a lot of powerful and intense plants in high-THC indica types. You will be amazed as you try them. Just remember to take it easy and enjoy the ride. After all, you don't meet cannabis legends like Godfather O.G. every day.


Both indica and sativa strains can indeed make you hungry, but the "munchies" are more often linked to predominantly indica strains. Indica types have substantial effects on the body that may make you eat more. This makes them a popular choice for people who are sick and lose their appetite or feel sick to their stomach.

When you smoke these strong indicia types, remember to bring your favorite snacks. Who knows, as you fill your late-night hunger pangs, you'll find yourself creating some truly amazing culinary works. Just remember to share the love (and the snacks) with other people who like indica.