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Cannabis Concentrates


Concentrates are considered one of the purest forms of cannabis. They are made from the marijuana plant that has been carefully processed to keep only the most valuable compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids. If the processing is done correctly, the concentrates will have no impurities. Compared to other cannabis products, shatter wax has the highest proportion of THC (from 10 to 45%). Concentrates can be consumed independently or added to the flowers or buds to get more potency. The proper dosing plays a crucial role when it comes to consuming concentrates. You must consult your physician before taking them because they are strong enough and have a high THC level. This way, you will get the maximum therapeutic value without posing a risk to your health. 

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are like super concentrated collections of the plant's trichomes, which have the most cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids all packed together. The final products usually have 60% or higher THC content and come in different forms, looks, flavors, and effects. Manufacturers use different extraction methods to make cannabis concentrates, but they all fit into two main categories: solvent-based and solventless. 

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What’s The Difference Between Concentrates, Extracts, And Dabs?

The world of cannabis concentrates has its own language, you know! Concentrates is a real wide term that refers to all the products that have been extracted from the plant. Now, here's where it gets really interesting: 'extracts' and 'concentrates' are sometimes used interchangeably. Hold on a sec, there's a curveball! Some people say extracts specifically refer to products made using solvents, leaving out those obtained without them.

Have you ever heard of 'dabs'? Typically, it means products made only from butane hash oil, but folks often use it casually for concentrates extracted in other ways. And just when ya thought ya had it all figured out, there are post-production methods that bring even more variety to these products and the terms used to describe 'em!

Cannabis Concentrates For Sale

Wax Concentrates

Wax concentrates have this unique sticky texture, usually packed with a grainy feel, and they have this beautiful golden shine. One thing that really stands out about them is the strong smell they give off, along with bold flavors that really capture the distinct type of plant they come from.

Our cannabis wax is THC rich and helps to overcome numerous mental and physical illnesses, including PTSD, depression, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, headache, muscle pain, loss of appetite, and other problems. 


Most wax concentrates typically range from 60% to 80% THC, but in certain instances, they can go beyond 90%.  


Vape pens usually can't handle wax because of its unique texture. Lighting wax straight up for smoking ain't ideal either, 'cause it can wreck delicate terpenes that are really sensitive to temperature. Experienced weed enthusiasts prefer to consume wax concentrates using specialized setups like dab rigs, a specific kind of bong, or a water pipe with a nail for smoking concentrated extracts. These setups use water vapor, giving you a smoother experience.

Another popular option is a full-size vaporizer equipped with coils that can reach the required temperatures to handle wax effectively. Both dab rigs and vaporizers change wax into vapor, which could potentially lessen lung harm linked to regular smoking techniques. Furthermore, these methods have the advantage of providing instant results to the user.


Shatter is a type of wax concentrate that's famous for its thin, brittle texture, just like hard candy. It often looks like a sheet of glass. The telltale sign of top-notch shatter is its nearly see-through look, flaunting a unique amber color that indicates its pureness and strength.

Here at Mega Marijuana Store, we sell different kinds of shatter, including Master KushSuper LemonBlueberryTrue OGHoly Grail ShatterTrue OG ShatterBlue Dream Shatter and others. 


Shatter typically retains about 80% to 90% THC potency. Unlike live resin, shatter contains lower terpene content because it undergoes multiple purifications and filtration processes to achieve its pristine structure.

Terpene Content: A type of wax, high-quality shatter typically has similar terpene levels–around 5.9%.

Shatter usually retains around 80% to 90% THC potency, y. Unlike live resin, shatter has less terpene content because it goes through several purifications and filtration processes to achieve its pure form.

Terpene Content: When it comes to top-notch shatter, you can expect it to have a wax-like consistency and similar terpene levels, typically around 5.9%.


Shatter's smooth and glass-like texture makes it stand out, making it a little more challenging to handle compared to other concentrates like wax. However, its stability and long shelf life make up for the challenge. With its tough, fragile quality, shatter needs consistently high temperatures to work its best, which can be a problem for regular vape pens that might not handle that kind of heat.

The two most common ways to consume shatter are dabbing and vaporizing. Dabbing is when you take a little bit of shatter and put it on a hot surface, making it instantly turn into vapor so you can breathe it in. Vaping, on the other hand, involves putting the shatter in a specialized container and heating the air around it. This indirect heating method keeps the shatter from burning straight up, making sure it's smoother and more controlled for y'all users.

Are Concentrates Safe?

When ya use 'em responsibly and get 'em from a reliable dispensary, THC concentrates are usually safe to consume, ya know? Extraction labs and manufacturers stepped up their game to keep up with the surging demand for cannabis concentrates from the folks. But, y'all gotta make sure to test their final products real good for any leftover solvents and contaminants before they get to the folks.

For folks, it's really important to stay on top of things. Before buying any concentrated product, it's crucial to check out the Certificate of Analysis (COA). This here document that's been verified gives y'all a real good look into how strong this product is and makes sure it ain't got no dang potential dangers like heavy metals, pesticides, molds, or bacteria. Checking the COA gives you an extra level of confidence, helping folks make informed choices about the stuff they wanna use.

How to Consume Concentrates?

Concentrates can be consumed in a variety of ways. The most common way is by dabbing, ya know, when they get flash vaporized using a dab rig. Alternatively, concentrates can be added on top of a bowl of bud, enhancing the overall weed experience, or used as ingredients in edibles, offering a strong infusion of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Moreover, concentrates are frequently available as oils in pre-filled cartridges. These cartridges can be easily attached to a battery, allowing for convenient, discreet, and hassle-free consumption. This method has gained popularity for its simplicity and portability, catering to users who prefer a more convenient way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis Concentrate Prices That Won’t Ruin Your Budget

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