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Cheese Feminized Seeds


Cheese Feminized Seeds


5.0 out of 5

Cheese Feminized seed is recommended more for recreational use, with good medical properties. It is mostly recommended for the relief of stress and pain. Cheese Feminized is sometimes recommended to treat insomnia, depression, and fatigue

Order Cheese feminized seeds for maximum productivity

Are you looking to grow a strain with a cheesy aroma and taste? Do you fantasize about an extraordinary combination of flavor and relaxing effects? Look no further and buy Cheese feminized seeds that turn into a beautiful Indica-dominant plant with thin and elongated leaves. It can be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor conditions with a short flowering period, and even inexperienced growers can expect a bountiful harvest. What you get as a result is a long-lasting scent of cured cheese with a trace of Skunk. You can use anti-odor filters to neutralize a strong aroma!

Characteristics and benefits of cheap Cheese feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are a popular choice among breeders, as it eliminates the unnecessary labor in pruning and maintaining male plants that have to be abandoned. At Mega Marijuana Store, we offer the highest quality of Cheese feminized seeds for sale with robust features, including:

  • 3:2 ratio of Indica and Sativa
  • Cross of Afghan and Old Skunk genetics
  • An indoor yield of 525g/sq.m and outdoor yield of 1000g/plant
  • 9-15% THC with a medium level of CBD
  • A highly dominant deep earthy flavor

The buds of this strain grow nice and thick with a resin layer and enhanced smell. The easy cultivating properties make it an excellent choice for beginners and enthusiasts who want to grow this fantastic strain in their own backyard. We source our products from top manufacturers in the industry and share them with our valued customers. With time, our catalog has grown out to be a stellar collection of cannabis products. We guarantee low prices, exceptional service, and discreet delivery when you buy Cheese feminized seeds online from us. Give us a chance to prove our worth, and we will make sure you are not disappointed. Feel free to get in touch if you need any assistance!

Quantity Price
15 Seeds $110,90 USD
20 Seeds $200.90 USD
30 Seeds $270.99 USD
50 Seeds $560.75 USD
100 Seeds $850.55 USD
Quantity Price
30 grams $250,00 USD
65 grams $600,00 USD
1/2 Pound $1000,00 USD
1 Pound $2000,00 USD

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