You might not be familiar with the term "burping," and that's okay – it was new to me, too! It turns out burping is a method used during the curing process of cannabis buds, and it helps to keep humidity levels low enough to prevent mold and high enough to promote the breakdown of harsh compounds.. We've discussed curing and drying before, but this particular technique is fresh and exciting.

Since we've only heard positive things about burping, it's a great idea to delve deeper into this technique. Let's explore what burping is, how it works, and how it can enhance the quality of your cannabis crop!

What Is Burping?

So, during the curing phase, your cannabis buds are usually snug in a sealed glass jar. Here's where burping comes in – it's like giving your buds a breath of fresh air. Burping means opening the jar occasionally to let out the built-up gasses and moisture the buds release during curing. If these gasses stay trapped, it can affect the quality of your cannabis.

Absolutely! This technique isn't limited to cannabis; it's utilized in various processes, such as food fermentation, where gasses can build up in sealed containers. Understanding the correct method and timing for burping your buds is crucial to achieving the best curing results. Let's explore how and when to do it for optimal outcomes!

Harvesting and Curing

Let's have a quick go-through review of the essential steps of harvesting and curing your cannabis plants. Properly drying your plants is crucial, so let's cover that too. There's no point in using burping if you're not doing everything else right!

Once your plants enter the flowering period, they usually need about two months before they're ready for harvest. Some people harvest without drying the plants, while others prefer to let them hang and dry completely before moving on to the curing process.

Drying typically takes around a week, depending on the environment. Branches are usually hung upside down on a rack during this time while you trim the buds. It's essential not to let your buds become bone dry at this stage. They should retain about 30% moisture before moving on. If they're too wet, complications might arise during curing.

Even if you prefer to harvest before drying, ensure your buds are properly dried before moving on to the curing phase. While some people choose to cure cannabis in a paper bag to allow more moisture to escape if the buds are still slightly damp, we'll focus on the sealed glass jar method, which involves burping. Let's explore that in detail!

Why Burping?

Here's the deal: when you store plant matter with remaining moisture, that moisture will eventually escape and could cause problems. If too much moisture builds up inside a sealed jar, it can lead to mold growth among your plants. Plus, during curing, your plants release CO2, which can accumulate inside the jar. If you're not careful, this pressure might cause your glass jar to crack or break, contaminating your buds.

Even if your jar doesn't break and your plants don't get moldy, the truth is, your buds might not taste as good or be of the best quality if excess moisture needs to be properly managed. It's crucial to keep these factors in mind for the best results! 

How To Burp? 

Why do we call it "burping"? Like our bodies release gas and moisture, this process does the same for our cannabis jars. Think of it as letting your cannabis breathe! It's considered a crucial step in curing, ensuring your buds turn out top-notch.

There isn't a strict way to burp your buds, but you can try a few methods. The easiest way is to open the jar and let the gas and moisture out. While doing this, gently shake the jar to let the buds move around, allowing everything to escape. However, some growers feel this method might need to be more thorough and opt to take out all the buds spreading them on kitchen paper or newspaper. This is especially useful when curing a large batch, ensuring no pockets of moisture are left behind.

As for how often to burp, the general advice is once a day for about 10 seconds. If you're spreading the buds out, it might take a bit longer. After the first week, you can do it every few days since the buds won't produce as much gas or moisture by then.

Curing usually takes around three weeks, but many growers swear by longer durations, claiming it enhances the taste and potency. So, how long you cure your buds is really up to you.

Regarding how long to keep burping, as long as your weed's in the jar, it needs burping. Even though the byproducts decrease, they'll never vanish entirely. Plus, it's not like you're creating a vacuum; moisture will always get in when you open and close the jar. It's all about finding that balance for the best results!

Final words

Burping your nugs might not be necessary, as many people choose not to do it. However, if you want to guarantee the best quality buds and prevent mold growth, Mega Marijuana Store experts highly recommend it. Taking this extra step can make a significant difference in the quality of your cannabis harvest!