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Big Buddha Cheese Feminized


Big Buddha Cheese Feminized


5.0 out of 5

Big Buddha Cheese retains the flavor of the original mother plant and it is increased its efficiency as a result of the Afghan crossing. Buddha Cheese Feminized is a Sativa and Indica breed, 100% Indica THC Level High at 20% CBD (Medical)

Buy Big Buddha Cheese feminized seeds from Mega Marijuana Store to become a professional cultivator

Are you engaged in cannabis cultivation? Or want to grow a few plants on your windowsill? No matter whether you're a professional cultivator or a newbie, you should get ready that not all your seeds will germinate. That is why it makes sense to order a few sorts of feminized seeds that ensure a good crop no matter what. 

Our Big Buddha Cheese feminized seeds for sale are among the best selling products in all American dispensaries. And this for a reason. Thanks to a perfect blend of Indica and Sativa, the strains you will get might be used therapeutically and recreationally. As a result of the Afghan crossing, this sort of weed has a unique flavor and properties that make cannabis fans go crazy. It has a fruity taste with sour notes and can be flowering indoor within 7-9 weeks. However, you can also grow these seeds outdoors if you live in a Mediterranean climate zone. 

Get our Big Buddha Cheese feminized seeds online to cultivate a fruitful harvest

If you're going to yield a heavy crop, there is no better to shop for marijuana seeds than our store. We store our products under the right conditions and check their quality before sending them to you. We sell the selected cannabis seeds that will bring you a harvest, whether you're a newbie or a master. What is more, here you have a chance to opt for Big Buddha Cheese feminized seeds on the cheap as we strive not to mark up our prices. Your satisfaction and safety are among our greatest priorities. That is why you will get your purchase delivered right to your doorstep by one of our partner courier companies. 
Do not hesitate to order Big Buddha Cheese feminized seeds from us to rest assured that your marijuana crop will be huge.

Quantity Price
30 grams $250,00 USD
65 grams $600,00 USD
1/2 Pound $1000,00 USD
1 Pound $2000,00 USD

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